Lizard King | The Bomb Hole Episode 10

Pro skateboarder Lizard King talks Mega Ramp, insane partying, Fantasy Factory, sobriety, Video Game Skate 3, his brief snowboard career, being a father, making a ton of money and then spending a ton of money. Known for his party antics in the Skate World he eventually hit a rock bottom moment that led to sobriety and then his best skateboard video part of his career. He claims its all thanks to his strong bloodline but if you spend any time at all with this guy it’s easy to see he has more charisma in his pinky then most of us have in our whole body. Combine his amazing athletic ability and his attention to showmanship and its no wonder why he excels at any sport he focus’s on whether its Skateboarding, Snowboarding or Biking. Lizard is the Ultimate Showman and one hell of a Human. Sit back and loosen your belt a couple notches and get ready to laugh. The self proclaimed Bomb Hole’s number one fan sits in the hot seat and tells all.


Plumb Family Bloodline | 00:01:22

Passion | Showmanship | 00:11:32

Lizards Snowboard Career | 00:14:00

The Rail Gardens | 00:21:00

Name That Video Part | 00:34:40

The Mega Ramp | 00:37:42

The Fantasy Factory | 00:47:35

"The Lizard King was Making some Biscuits" | 00:55:50

Sober | Rock Bottom | Sober | 01:04:20

Fatherhood | 01:16:50

Scooters | Hover Boards | Tom Penny | 01:28:20

Plumb Reality

Bob Plumb Photography

Best in Show

BMX Action

Rigor Mortis

Canyons Resort Mountain Biking

Lizard King Pro Model Snowboard

Lizard King Snowboard Interview Method Mag

Slug Snow Lizard Photo Feature

L1 Family Vacation Poland

How to Find The Rail Gardens

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Jason Brown Full Part

Lizard King Fantasy Factory

Army Of Darkness Trailer

Lizard Hits The Mega Ramp

Jake Brown Mega Ramp Crash

1986 Pontiac Fiero With Ferrari Kit

Fish Scale

How to Make a Bindle

1971 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Cam’Ron Wet Wipes

The Moore Wall

Overcoming Alcohol

Seth Huot’s Vimeo

Lizard King in Skate 3

Scooter epidemic

Hover Boards