Mike Rav "PAPER TIGER" Print #1


Rider Mike Rav shot by Brendon Rego. 12 x 18 inches limited to 20 prints.

Proceeds will be donated to the Shred Foundation. Currently based in the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions of New York, SHRED Foundation works to introduce the youth in local rural and urban areas to snowboarding, and to open their eyes to the opportunities and growth it provides. By harnessing the unifying power of snow/skate culture, SHRED works to inspire youth to follow an alternative path and to engage their drive and creativity to follow it. Majority of the kids that participate in the winter program have never stepped foot on a board. By teaching them something as simple as turning a piece of wood down a hill covered in snow, they walk away with so much more than a newfound passion for snowboarding.

Includes stickers and hand-written note

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