• Kelly Hart | The Bomb Hole Episode 76

    His passion for skateboarding runs deep and the proof is in all the hats he wears including professional skateboarder, co-host of The Nine Club, team manager for three skate brands, and judge for Street League.
  • Jason Ellis | The Bomb Hole Episode 75

    Professional skateboarder turned radio personality and MMA fighter, Jason Ellis is now known for hosting The Jason Ellis show, one of Sirius XM’s top shows for the past 15 years. In this episode we talk getting back into skateboarding, overcoming hard times in life, drugs, sex, being pan sexual, LGBTQ and sports, coming out, rock bottom, MMA, Ayahuasca, open relationships, and much more!
  • Aaron Draplin | The Bomb Hole Episode 74

    This mid westerner is a juggernaut in the graphic design world who’s humble beginnings started with designing logo’s for the snowboard world for brands like Solid Snowboards, Grenade, Union, Coal, Nixon as well as laying out magazine’s like Snowboarder and Snowboard Mag.
  • Dave Downing | The Bomb Hole Episode 73

    For the past 32 years Dave has left his mark in snowboarding starting as a rep then going pro and producing 24 video parts moving on to a position in sales and marketing all for Burton Snowboards.
  • Alexis Roland | The Bomb Hole Episode 72

    Filming for her first video part at age 9, this midwest child phenom was getting attention on the slopes before most of us could even link turns. 
  • Dan Brisse | The Bomb Hole Episode 71

    Snowboarding’s most decorated X-Games Real Snow athlete known for hitting the largest features in the streets still to this day.
  • Mike Hucker | The Bomb Hole Episode 70

    Three times BMX dirt rider of the year Mike “Hucker” Clark known for his positive attitude and glorious mullet as well as his entertaining antics and unique tricks making him a crowd favorite at every event.
  • Alex Andrews | The Bomb Hole Episode 69

    Pro snowboarder turned grassroots marketing ambassador with a thirst for life and a knack for DIY projects.
  • Carson Storch | The Bomb Hole Episode 68

    Professional mountain biker, Red Bull rampage ripper, friend of snowboarding, and all around bad ass—meet Carson Storch.
  • Torgeir Bergrem | The Bomb Hole Episode 67

    Torgeir Bergrem is one of the most stylish pro snowboarders to come out of Norway, known not only for having the sickest switch backside 540 to method in the game but also for winning medals in the Olympics, X-Games, and Air and Style.
  • Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson | The Bomb Hole Episode 66

    Over the past two decades Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson has been one of the people behind the scenes of snowboarding that helps make it the amazing sport that it is.
  • Jess Kimura | The Bomb Hole Episode 65

    Jess Kimura is one of the most influential snowboarders on the planet. From landing a spot on ESPN's Top 50 Most Influential People in Action Sports list, to winning countless Transworld Women's Rider of the Year, Women's Video Part of the Year, and Reader's Choice awards, to creating an entire video series elevating women in snowboarding, Jess is as real as they come.