Bomb Hole Cup 2024 Recap and Results


April 6th and 7th, 2024


Words by Jules

Day One - Banked Slalom

The third Bomb Hole Cup is over and we can finally breathe again. What a time though, eh? 450 people signed up for the banked slalom and even more wanted to, and that makes our hearts warm. What also makes our hearts warm is Milosport—the best shop in the country. Big thanks to them for hosting us and all of you at their shop for pre-registration, which popped off alongside their First Look. But back to actual race day, we added a box to the beginning of the banked slalom, just for funsies. All the money is made and lost in the corners anyway. The best historical sports moment of the day came from Jack Stevens and Jeff Richards getting the exact same time in the Industry category down to the thousandth of a second.

Volcom’s 90s Small Air provided a nice break between the main race and the infamous splitboard race. My non-biased potentially biased opinion is that our boy Danny becoming the Volcom Stone mascot could've been the best part of the whole thing. Maybe next year we’ll have a mascot class; start working on your oversized faux fur costumes now.

It’s sad when Day One is over because that means we’re halfway done the weekend but thanks to Red Bull we got to stay in our annual condo up at the mountain and our friends Joe Sexton, Harry Hagan, Danimals, Pete Croasdale, and Darrell Mathes came over to play beer games while Chris slept soundly like the old man he is.

It would be wrong not to acknowledge the timing discrepancies that happened. Apparently some of the timing devices "fell asleep" because it was cold and snowy out. No, we get it. Listen, we hear you. Email me your time if you think you deserve a trophy you didn't get and we'll get some more made. Here are the final results:


Day Two - Park Showdown

Park Showdown included grom class, open class, pro class, and legend class (which we think was a great addition). The national anthem and helicopter flyover right into the Chicago Bulls theme song set the stage for pro class mandatory cab 9s. Nils Mindnich was the first to drop. He said it was the most anxiety he's ever had on a snowboard. Sorry Nils, but the crowd loved it. Chris's inner child was bursting with happiness at the electricity in the air, the excitement from all the spectators, and the genuine camaraderie of the whole community, and that's really what we do it for.

We learned a little bit from last year, and we learned even more for next year. Who knows what year four will bring.............

Thank you all for being patient with us through our parking issues, schedule changes, and just general nonchalance. That’s sort of our way – we see how it could be annoying. We love you anyway. We really love you guys. You have no idea. Thank you ALL for making The Bomb Hole what it is!!!

Pro Men Winners:

1. Keegan Hosefros

2. Sam Anderson

3. Cooper Whittier

Pro Women Winners:

1. Hailey Langland

2. Madison Blackley

3. Brantley Mullins

Legend Men Winners:

1. Seth Huot

2. Bjorn Leines

3. Darrell Mathes

Grom Boys Winners:

1. Asher Loscalzo

2. Terje Lamont

3. Someone please email me third place winners name

Grom Girls Winners:

1. Sadie Rifkin

2. Paisley

3. Varya Feoktistova

Open Men Winners:

1. Ryan Clark

2. Blaivelt

3. Liss Federovicz

Open Women Winners:

1. Jess

2. Java

3. Callie Carman

Limo Jam Winner Men: Jake

Limo Jam Winner Women: Lily Dhawornvej

Best Trick Rail: Alan Gerlach

Hellride Challenge Rail Award: Jordan Morse

Run Through A Wall Award: Flaska

Best Bomb Hole: Johnny Hancheck

Swagu Beef Award: Bad Boy Noah

Craig Kelly Award: Shane Charlebois

DJs: Justin Bennee and Matty Mo

MCs: Joey B and Grendy's

Judges: Max Raymer, Jill Perkins, and Joe Sexton

SPONSORS: Bubs, Sun Bum, Blackstrap, Yeti, Capita, Dragon, Nitro, Volcom, Union, Joey's Footbeds, and Red Bull

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