Nils Mindnich | The Bomb Hole Episode 2

Pro rider/engineer Nils, talks reinventing himself, depression, triathlons, contest wins, and much more. His journey from resort baby to Disney stunt double to pro snowboarder and winner of the 2020 Big Mountain World Tour all the while studying in collage to become an engineer. Life catches up to Nils as the balance of a 9-5 career and being a pro snowboarder comes to a head where serious decisions must be made. Engineer or pro snowboarder? What happens when you spend all your formative years learning to turn off your emotions in order to put snowboarding first and silence your fear in order to push yourself? How do you turn emotions back on to deal with daily life and navigate a relationship and real life issues? Nils turns to therapy to get these answers and more and discusses them with us on the bomb hole.






Time Stamps

Life As A Resort Baby- 0:00:58

Stunt Rider For Disney's "Cloud 9"- 0:12:18

The Brothers Mindnich- 0:24:55

Nils Talks Video Parts- 0:28:58

Name That Video Part- 0:43:22

Handling Depression- 0:56:52

Therapy- 1:11:53

Free Ride World Tour 2020 Champion- 1:22:04

Accolades And Future Plans- 1:46:26



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