Alexis Roland | The Bomb Hole Episode 72

Filming for her first video part at age 9, this midwest child phenom was getting attention on the slopes before most of us could even link turns. We talk with Alexis about the importance of inclusion, the progression of women’s snowboarding, perfectionism, fundamentals, not fitting in, mental health, park psychology, keeping a positive headspace, nature's Xanax, and so much more. At a young age, snowboarding began to feel like a job to her and after being dropped by a major sponsor, she felt like she lost her identity. In the past several years, she's hit a major resurgence and is again a contender against any rail rider, male or female. Join us on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole to find out how she discovered her passion for the sport again, got new sponsors, won contests, filmed video parts, and carved her own path to get where she is today in the world of snowboarding.

0:00:00 | Intro | A Young Start | Spanish Emersion | Fundamentals | Dads Support | Snowboarding Defining Your Value |

0:15:46 | Home School | Not Fitting In | Get Those Reps Up | Taking A Snowboarding Break | Competing |

0:30:06 | Gender Talk | Progressing Women’s Snowboarding | Park Psychology | Pub Beer Crap Shoot |

0:41:11 | #volcombombproof | Inclusion | Lexi’s Reading List | Perfectionism | Riding For Fun |

0:57:54 | Depression & Anxiety | Bubs Naturals | Therapy | Mental Meeting | Medication For Mental Health |

1:07:07 | Imposter Syndrome | Natures Xanax- Breathing | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death | Staying In A Positive Headspace |

1:26:42 | Hobbies | Diet | Name That Video Part | Tow Rope’s | Trying Hard | HDHR |

1:46:48 | Hot Takes | Confidence | Set Up’s | Sponsors | Beyond The Boundaries | Thank You’s | 

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