Blake Paul | The Bomb Hole Episode 23

North Face rider retreats, losing close friends A Rob and Ojo, Vans crew stories, riding powder with no hat and the evolution of a hilarious nick name. Join us as we sit down with the Prince of the Backcountry, Blake Paul AKA B Proddy. From a short stint in Vermont to spending his formative years in Jackson Hole B Proddy was taken under the wing of some heavy hitter’s who helped shape him into the powerful powder rider/jumper that he is today. He talks about his first international snowboarding trip where he lost a dear friend Arron Robinson and the effect’s this had on his life, being that young and basically alone after A-Rob passed is a heavy situation to deal with, one that forces you to grow up quick. Crack a fresh beverage or pour your morning joe and get comfortable as we delve into the mind of Blake Paul on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole.

Early Days in Jackson | 00:01:30

Meeting A-Rob | Introduction to Back Country and Filming Snowboarding | 00:08:45

Chile Trip And Losing Aaron Robinson | 00:14:50

Lick The Cat University | 00:28:17

Name That Video Part | 00:35:13

Joining The Vans Crew | Where Did The Name B Proddy Come From | 00:40:54

In the Backcountry With No Beanie | Blake's Approach To Filming And Snowboarding | 00:55:00

B Proddy As A Brand | 01:14:10

Riding For The North Face | 01:20:50

Blake's Board Set Up | Sneaky Pete's | Powder Riding | 01:29:16

What's Next? | 01:43:28 

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Teton Thai

Celebrating Aaron Robinson

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Remembering Aaron Robinson

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Blake Paul on Vans

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Snowboarder Mag’s Foreword

Blake Paul on North Face

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Dillon Ojo Art on Blake’s Board by Rasmus Nielsen