Dusty Henricksen | The Bomb Hole Episode 48

Dusty talks pulling the first quad cork in a competition, winning two X-Games medals in 2021, Biggie Smalls Hypnotize on repeat, X-Games Real Snow, is big air progressing too far, going hollow head, body mechanic’s while snowboarding, trampolines, air awareness and much more! Dusty Henricksen entered the 2021 X-Games as a hopeful just like any other rider that day but walked away a champion with two Gold medal’s at the age of 17. He is now 18 years old backed by brands like Monster, Oakley and his newest sponsor Salomon, also a member of the US Team and a future Olympic hopeful. Dusty is a very humble kid raised by the snowboard park at Mammoth resort with an incredible sense of style and an insane bag of tricks. We got a chance to sit down with Dusty and get a peak into the mind set of a young rider at the top of his game in this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:52 | Current X-Games Champ | Preparing For Contests | Music During Contest Run | Switch Backside 12's

00:06:01 | Hollow Head Technique | Body Mechanics While Riding | Coaches

00:11:59 | Early Years | Big Bear To Mammoth | Main Park Mammoth

00:23:58 | Dealing With Injuries | Progressing At A Young Age | Trampolines

00:30:59 | Name That Video Part

00:35:59 | Hot Takes | Keeping A Level Head | Real Snow 2021

00:46:41 | 10 Barrel Pub Beer Break Out Moment

00:48:43 | Coachable | Cheddar Biscuits | Online School | X Games Big Air Vibe

00:59:45 | The Ikon Pass

01:01:50 | Big Air Progressing Too Far | Winning X In A T-Shirt | Thrift Store Shopping | Punk Rock | Making Clothes

01:09:17 | Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza

01:11:02 | Riding For Salomon | Board Set Up | Comp Runs

01:19:59 | Clothing Inspiration | Thank You's

2021 X Games Slope Style

2021 X Games Knuckle Huck

Biggie Smalls Hypnotize

Wave Rave

Snowboard Knock Out

Dusty @ LAXX

Dusty @ Hood

Dusty First Quad In A Comp

Mammoth Hot Laps