Harrison Gordon | The Bomb Hole Episode 56

Harrison discusses mammy swag, sniffing salts, the board sports trifecta, the currant state of pro snowboarding, aliens, multiple sclerosis, how to be a good house guest, marriage and more! Harrison’s easy going attitude and positive outlook make’s him one of the most fun people you could ever have in your life let alone snowboard with, his long term relationships with brands like Salomon and Monster show they feel the same way. Blake Paul recently dubbed him the official vibe ambassador of snowboarding while Salomon named him the team spirit guide. Join us on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole as we sit down with Harrison and get a chance to see the world through his eyes and catch some of that stress free vibe he puts out!

00:00:00 | Intro

00:01:17 | The Trifecta | Sniffing Salts | Mammy Swag | Harry's Life As A Movie

00:15:45 | Formidable Years | Spelling B | Aliens | Rooming With Louif

00:34:36 | Ten Barrel Pub Beer Break Out Moment

00:36:47 | Big Discussion About All Things Snowboard Tricks | Style

00:58:43 | Song Selections In Video Parts | Being A Good House Guest | Snowboarding's Vibe Ambassador

01:09:34 | Getting Married | Peace Arch | Relationship Advice For Long Distance | Multiple Sclerosis | Hot Takes

01:28:37 | Name That Video Part

01:34:40 | State Of Pro Snowboarding

01:38:40 | Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza

01:40:07 | Harrison's Set Up | Filming With Salomon | Harry Gore tex | Thank Yous

Heathcliff The OG Red Cat

The Trifecta

Info On Smelling Salts

Matt Hammer Video Part

Nixon Jib Fest

1080 Snowboarding Panda

Government Released UFO Documents

Mute Renamed Weddle

How To Chill

Peace Arch Park

Dealing With MS

Team Thunder