Jamie Thomas | The Bomb Hole Episode 29

200k in product royalties, 100k check for Tony Hawk Pro Skater, being a homeless teen in San Francisco, the ups and downs of Fallen Shoes, finding religion, 25 years of Zero Skateboards, going to war with the Slap message boards, the over discussed leap of faith and more! Jamie Thomas is a skateboard icon and after a long prosperous career has some serious intel to share that transcends skateboarding and Snowboarding, life lesson’s we can all learn from. He take’s us on a journey from dropping out of high school at 16 and leaving Alabama moving to California and making a name for himself in the skateboard world and then a step further as he becomes an entrepreneur starting his own brands. Take note’s as the Chief AKA Jamie Thomas is about to drop some serious knowledge on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

Intro | 00:00:00

Addictive Personality's And Board Sports | Life After Pro | 00:03:54

Jamie Thomas Early Days | 00:16:34

Name That Video Part | 00:27:35

Slap Message Boards | 00:31:53

Cheddar Biscuits | Lesson's From Fallen | 00:46:12

Zero Skateboards  | 01:00:39

Working With Chris Cole Again | Video Parts | 01:08:32

Spiritual Elements | 01:20:17

Leap Of Faith | 01:36:53

Snowboarding | 01:41:14


The Embarcadero

Slap Message Boards

King Of The Road

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Jamie Thomas On Pro Skater


Damn It All Jamie Thomas Full Part

Louis Vuitton Skate Shoe

Chris Cole Back On Zero

Jamie Thomas Dying To Live Full Part

Jamie Thomas Welcome To Hell

Jamie Thomas Chomp On This

The 12 Steps

Leap Of Faith