Griffin Siebert | The Bomb Hole Episode 28

Ice ax shotgun, chalking up, smudging, Lick The Cat, granolablading, Back Yard Boogie Töö, split boarding, touring, a rap group where the members are all over the age of 84, terminal cancer couloir and so much more. Griffen Siebert emerged as one of the members of the legendary L.T.C. crew as a park rider but over the years has become a strong backcountry snowboarder enjoying the split boarding and touring aspect of our sport. He recently put on the producer’s hat releasing the snowboard movie Back Yard Boogie Töö which make’s you just want to posse up with your homies and tear up your local resort on a pow day! Join us on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole where we sit down with Griffen and get his perspective of the snowboard world!

Early Life | Rock Talk | Chalk Up | 00:01:07

The Tail Bone Incident | Injuries | 00:11:41

Name That Video Part | 00:19:15

Zack Siebert | Split Boarding | Powder Turns | 00:25:00

Sieb's Fuzz | BackYard Boogie Töö | Worst Trends In Snowboarding | 00:37:00

The Terminal Cancer Couloir | Touring | 00:51:19

Griff Loves Produce | KD's | 01:05:52

Lick The Cat | Rishiri Island Trip | Ice Ax Shot Gun | 01:13:33

Smudging The Booth | College? | 01:25:47

Graphic Design And Snowboarding | Griffen's Board Set Up | Tech Talk | 01:33:55

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