Justin Meyer | The Bomb Hole Episode 16

Some call him the Evil Genius or Darth Meyer because of sneaky moves like Change that Vape on Instagram that had people stumped for two years on who was running it as he photoshopped incredibly funny photos of pro snowboarders blowing large Vape clouds and it was referred to as “getting vaped”. This filmer/Producer has dropped 13 of his own movies with his production company Video Grass and a handful of other amazing projects for brands such as Adidas and 32! He has created successful business endeavors like Death Lens which changed the game for kids wanting to film rad shots for their own projects right from their phone. He comes from humble beginnings growing up in Vegas spending his formative years running around the area known to the locals as naked city and is now not only a great friend to us at The Bomb hole but also one hell of a great Father and family man. We are very excited to be able to bring you the story of Justin Meyer!

Who is Justin Meyer  | 00:00:32

Sunday In The Park | 00:06:26

Video Grass | 00:11:20

Name That Video Part | 00:18:49

Change That Vape | 00:24:52

13 VG Movies | 00:30:36

Snowboard Video Culture | 00:35:15

The VG Process | 00:42:15

The Resurrection of Jed Anderson Buzzcut | 00:45:25

BudDielsel and VG on the Road | Fatherhood | 00:48:20

Saving Snowboard Video's | 00:50:37

Creating Life Long Snowboarders | 01:01:29

Split Boarding | 01:01:29

Death Lens | Cheddar Biscuits  | 01:10:06

Stonie Budz Stomp | 01:19:48

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Death Lens

Sunday In The Park

Crab Grab

Change That Vape

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

What Is Chromatic Aberration

Panasonic HVX Camera

Building a Chicken Coop

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