Mikey LeBlanc | The Bomb Hole Episode 17

Wharf Rat, Maniac, Iconic Pro Snowboarder, Business Owner, Video Producer, Musician, Zen Monk/Priest and one of the most down to earth people on this planet. To use the word Legend to describe this weeks guest is an understatement. Mikey Leblanc tells us his story from working hard as a youth so he could do what he wanted to moving west with tale’s from his journey in the Snowboard world all the way to his current struggle of running a brand in the ever changing landscape of the current times dealing with Covid and other current events. This will go down as one of our best conversations at the Bomb Hole so grab a beverage, actually grab a handful because this is a long one, get comfortable and enjoy this weeks episode!

Mainiac- Leblanc's Early Life  | 00:01:40

A Lucky Exit From College | Summit County in it's Hey Day  | 00:11:13

Getting Sponsored at 23 | 00:17:50

$200 a month to $2500 | Going Pro | 00:29:11

Anti Authority | Contests Vs Filming | Changing of the Guard| Photography | 00:43:58

Kids Know | Drinking Puddle Water | Skits | Quebec | 00:58:30

Name That Video Part | 01:10:48

Holden Outerwear | Running a Brand During Covid | Kids Know | 01:16:34

Patreon Question- The Big Ollie | 01:37:00

Being A Zen Monk | Bringing Zen Thoughts to Life and Snowboarding | 01:44:54

Patreon Question- Snowboarders Today Compared to 20 Years Ago | 02:02:35

Our Dear Friend J2 | No One Gets Out Alive | 02:10:55

Concussions | The Tobogganist | 02:31:14

Photo of a fishing Gaff

Mistral Snowboards

Burton Air Bindings

Jeff Brushie classic Taipan tuck knee

Solid Snowboards

Brown Trout

Subjekt Haakonsen

Kingpin Productions Destroyer

Kids Know “Love/Hate”

Scenes from Kids Know Burning Bridges

Brother’s Factory

Mikey’s Part in Brain Storm

MFM Back in Black

Holden Outerwear

The Catcher in the Rye

The Big Ollie

Living Like A Zen Monk

Hardcore Zen

The Tibetan Book of The Dead

Mikey Leblanc Toboggan Photo