Ken Block | The Bomb Hole Episode 38

DC shoes founder turned rally car racer, Ken Block talks entrepreneurship, Gymkhana, business ethics, snowboard culture, mindset, marketing, design and so much more. He has reached massive levels of fame and success that include 8 figure deals, all while still remaining true to his roots in the skate/snow culture. Ken drops endless bits of actionable knowledge and advice for any listener in all walks of life. The Gymkhana video series now has over 650 million views and Ken spends his time running his brand Hoonigan and focusing on whats next for his rally career. Join us as we sit down with Ken Block on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

Early Days | 00:02:05

Early Brands- 8 Ball, Type A, Droors, Dub And Blunt | Bailing On Dub | Why Start Blunt? | 00:07:01

Standards | D.C. | Love Park | D.C. Ring | 00:25:03

Naming Brands | The Story Of Puffy Shoes | 00:37:56

Cheddar Biscuits | Advice For People Trying To Get Sponsored | 00:47:19

Name That Video Part | 01:01:13

The Idea Process | The Obsession | 01:19:10

The Mountain Lab | Rally School | Rally Racing | 01:32:47

Gymkhana | Favorite Snowboarders | 01:49:05

Mt. Lab Danny Davis Story | Ping Pong And Business | Learning From Mistakes In Business | 2:00:40

Selling D.C. Cheddar Biscuits!!! | The Process | Jumping The Rally Car On Snow | 02:09:28

Snowmobiling | Gymkhana Views | 02:30:58

"Im A Really Lucky Bastard" Ken Block | 02:48:50

1988 Snow Shredders Trailer

The Blizzard of AAHHH’s

Blunt Magazine

Blunt Magazine Retrospective

Droors Dyrdek Ad

The Last Days Of Love Park

The Osiris D3 Documentary

DC Shoes Dyrdek Chase Commercial

DC Danny Way Mega Ramp

Ken Block Raptor Trax

Ken Block Shreds With Danny Davis

DC Mountain Lab

Ken Block Gymkhana


Tim O’Neil Rally School

Climbkhana 2

Ken Block Shreds With Zak Hale

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana

Rally Car Jumping In DC MTN Lab 1.5

Phil Samge Razor Jump

Bode Foot Plants Ken’s Head

Gymkhana 5

Gymkhana 7