Nik Baden | The Bomb Hole Episode 45

Contests vs video parts, puking in a beanie, shit talking, getting sponsored at a young age, shot gunning pub beer, spinning 1800s, triple corks, chad’s gap, keeping your rep’s up and so much more. This week we sit down with Nik Baden one of today’s most stylish riders to strap in on a snowboard. At a young age Nik was picked up by brands like Red Bull and Burton, getting paid good money to focus on the contest scene. As he grew up he realized this was not the direction he wanted to go and soon found a home with Adidas and eventually Sims Snowboards. Instead of pursuing the podium he would find stacking video clip’s and making a video part was much more satisfying. When you watch Nik ride one thing is clear, this kid looks really good no matter what discipline of snowboarding he is getting after. Style is not something you can buy, either you have it or you don’t and Baden just happens to have an abundance of it! Join us as we talk with Nik about making the switch from contests to filming video parts as well as get his take on snowboarding today on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:43 | The Prince Of Colorado | Disney Next X | #Nikbaden Vid

00:09:19 | Getting Sponsored Young | Triple Corks | 1800's? | Contest Talk | Coaches

00:32:03 | 10 Barrel Pub Beer Break Out Moment #Cheapfunbeer

00:36:24 | Switching From Contests To Video | Beta Movie

00:46:19 | Don’t Let Nik Book Your Hotel | Sleep Walking | Traveling With The Boys

00:59:45 | The Ikon Pass

01:01:03 | Talking Shit | Lip Size In The Streets | Spot Size Vs. Style

01:17:26 | Name That Video Part

01:19:51 | Hot Takes | Putting In Reps

01:30:42 | Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza

01:32:19 | Inspiration | Snowboard Dreams | Injuries | Chad's Gap

01:47:23 | Sims Snowboards | Puking

01:59:15 | Baden's Set Up | Cheddar Biscuits | What's Next | Thanks

Disney Next X


Rookie Of The Year

Lord Of The Flies

Nik Baden Beta Full Part

The Miserable Champion

Hunter S. Thompson

Mike Ditka SNL

Ronnie Colman

Chad’s Gap Session


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