Tanner Hall | The Bomb Hole Episode 44

One of the most influential skiers of his generation talks stem cell injections, pain pills, big wave skiing, his quick rise to fame in the ski world, a decent into dark times, sobriety, glacier camping, comparing ski and snowboard cultures and so much more. At 16 Tanner Hall was kicked out of school and given by his parents one season to prove that he had what it takes to make it in the ski world. During this time he pretty much won every contest he entered and even today still hold’s the second most medals in X-Game ski history. What goes up must come down so eventually injuries and fast living lead to substance abuse and dark times. Tanner did the work and found sobriety, his drive and love for the sport helped him to overcome obstacles and now sober he is still pushing himself with contests like X-Games real ski and the Free Ride World Tour. Tanner grew up being inspired by snowboarders and was influenced not only by how they ride the mountain but even how they dress compared to the country club attitude of skiing at the time. Join us for this very special episode of The Bomb Hole where we welcome Tanner Hall to the booth breaking down the wall to the old school way of thinking with the us vs. them mentality.

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:55 | Achilles Injury | X-Games Real Ski | Dealing With Injuries | Stem Cell Injections

00:12:24 | Must Be Nice | Pain Pills | Drive | The Process | Skiing Mavericks | Trends | The Streets

00:25:23 | Ten Barrel Pub Beer Break Out Moment #Cheapfunbeer

00:28:45 | Getting That G.E.D. | Not Ready For The Fame And The Cash | Cheddar Biscuits | Agents

00:36:07 | Ski And Snowboard Culture | Ski Pole Debate | Henrik Nose Bud Trip | Skiing With Snowboarders | Alta

00:58:09 | Name That Video Part

01:03:31 | Hot Takes | Sobriety | Dark Times | Mental Health

01:27:56 | Coaches | Mind Set | Henrik Harlaut | You Can't Buy Flavor

01:43:47 | Glacier Camping | The Provo Brothers

01:54:38 | Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza

01:56:30 | The Free Ride World Tour | Chad's Gap

02:16:24 | Whats Next?

Shockwave Therapy

Stem Cell Injections

How To Get Off Pain Pills

Chuck Patterson Skiing Mavericks

Tanner Hall 2003 X Games

Jerry Of The Day

Avalanche Safety

Alta Skiers Talking About Snowboarders

Poles Or No Poles

Henrik Nose Bud Trip

Tanner Hall X Goon Gear

Lucas Magoon In Rutland

The Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol

Mental Health

Suicide Help Line


Neil Provo Represent

Tanner Hall Free Ride World Tour

Tanner Hall Chad’s Gap Crash 2005

Chad’s Gap Redemption