Russell Winfield | The Bomb Hole Episode 41

A true Icon of snowboarding Russell Winfield talks about preserving snowboard culture, being the first and only black snowboarder to have a pro model, the rockstar era of snowboarding, why reverse camber sucks, ice hockey, tweaking grabs in the 90’s, inclusivity, barrier to entry and so much more. Russell who dropped the quote “I'm the Jackie Robinson of this shit” on the last cover of snowboarder magazine was crucial in the 1990’s to helping transform snowboard culture from racing and ski driven to the freestyle more skateboard influence vibe that it has today. Russell was part of Ride snowboards when it dropped, traveling the world with the Ride team offering kids a chance to bite into this new snowboard culture. Russell’s Fat Albert Pro Model art from that era is still sought after by collectors and he is working on a new pro model with ride for 2022. Uncle Russ tell’s it how it is in this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

00:01:30 | Russ On Ice | The %95 Percent Rule

00:09:41 | Hot Takes | Russ On The Early Days Of Snowboarding

00:23:15 | Ride | Creating The Culture | Russ's Fat Albert Pro Model Art | Creative Process

00:30:21 | Inclusivity | The Jackie Robinson Of This Shit | Barrier To Entry In Snowboarding

00:38:23 | Skechers Shape-Ups | Large Jumps To Hand Rails

00:43:43 | Name That Video Part

00:47:38 | The Rockstar Era Of Snowboarding | Shaun Palmer | Traveling With Dale Rehberg

01:00:22 | Partying Leading To Harder Days | Be A Good Person | Style

01:09:55 | Public Service Announcement For Judges At Contests | 90's Tweaking | 90's Product

01:20:46 | New Contract With Ride | Selling Cars | Music

01:26:54 | The Culture | Substance | Thanks You's

01:41:59 | Russell And Mikey Leblanc Music

New Kids On The Twock


Russell Winfield Pro Model

Jackie Robinson

Zeb Powell Shredding A Giant Pink Board

Skechers Shape-Ups

The Miserable Champion

Ingemar Backman

Russell Interview

The Hard The Hungry And The Homeless

Jeff Brushie

Ingemar Backman Substance