Sam Taxwood | The Bomb Hole Episode 8

Pro snowboarder with pro model everything with Vans snow, installing chair lifts at 9000 feet with the aid of a helicopter, dropping an iconic video part after three knee surgeries, Lick The Cat, Dust Box, Ayahuasca Shaman, and remembering our dearly missed Dillon Ojo. Sam Taxwood breaks it all down in this episode of the Bombhole!

Time Stamps-

Growing Up as a Snowbird Baby | 00:01:21

Handling Injuries | Gym | Road Biking | 00:12:49

Spite Boarding | Chair Lift Installation | Cheddar Biscuits | 00:22:21

Learning How To Send A Letter As An Adult |  00:31:27

Name That Video Part | 00:33:30

Video Part's | LTC | Dust Box Initiation   | 00:37:00

Land Line | 00:47:30

Remembering Dillon Ojo | Ojo Foundation | 00:53:00

The ATV | Heli Boarding | Board Stance | 01:01:30

Puff That Fucker Up! | 19th Bday In Japan | 01:08:20

Pro Model Everything | 01:14:22


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