Stevie Bell | The Bomb Hole Episode 9

Forum stardom, a $50,000 hotel bill, traveling the world for video premieres with one of the most iconic teams in snowboarding. Life as team rider seen through the eyes of one of the most prolific black snowboarders our sport has ever seen. Stevie Bell sits down with the Bomb Hole and tells us what his life was like at the height of his career as well as gives us his view on current events and what it's like to be a father.

Time Stamps-

Early Life | 00:00:45

Getting Sponsored  | 00:11:08

Riding For Forum | 00:15:33

$50,000 Hotel bill in Sweden | 00:20:34

Name That Video Part | 00:22:53

The Forum Video Tours | 00:25:40

Russia - Paying Off The Cops, Eating Pigeon, Armenian Gangsters, AK47's and Escaping Death | 00:32:43

Being A Black Pro Snowboarder | 00:47:05

Travis Kennedy | 00:53:53

Shooting With Cole Barash | 0:59:36

Processing Current Event's - George Floyd, Protesting and Police Brutality | 01:05:35

Being A Father | 01:18:20


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