Torgeir Bergrem | The Bomb Hole Episode 67

Torgeir Bergrem is one of the most stylish pro snowboarders to come out of Norway, known not only for having the sickest switch backside 540 to method in the game but also for winning medals in the Olympics, X-Games, and Air and Style. In this episode, we talk about having viking blood, jump mechanics, the scrimp, Norwegian pros, the progression of spinning, off-snow training, filming in the backcountry, the Olympics, a 21-hour bike ride, sleepy Torgeir, and so much more. Torgeir has been one of the most stylish snowboarders on the slopestyle contest circuit for years and is now focusing on heading out to the backcountry and making video parts. Join us as we talk about his transition from contests to the backcountry as well as what it’s like coming up as a snowboarder from Norway on this week's episode of The Bomb Hole!

0:00:00 | Intro | Viking Blood | Norway | Jump Mechanics | Switch Backside 540 method

0:18:07 | Favorite Norwegian |  The Scrimp | Manscaping | Name That Video Part |

0:29:03 | Contests | Spinning Progression | Torgeir Movie Clips | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death |

0:47:11 | Monster | Cheddar Biscuits | Fears | Avalanches | Snowmobiling |

1:09:18 | Olympics | Pub Beer Crap Shoot |  Filming Backcountry | Riding With Sage |

1:30:13 | Smelling Salts | Hot Takes | Off Snow training | 21 Hour Bike Ride |

1:46:03 | Running Marathons | Bachelor's in Marketing | Sleepy Torgeir | Board Set Up | Future Goals | 

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