Carson Storch | The Bomb Hole Episode 68

Professional mountain biker, Red Bull rampage ripper, friend of snowboarding, and all around bad ass—meet Carson Storch. In this episode, we talk how mountain biking parallels snowboarding, heli-biking, biking in the arctic, switching from slope style to free ride, Red Bull Rampage, partying in Vegas, E-bikes, bike equipment, and so much more! Carson is a down to earth pro mountain biker who not only goes huge but also loves to snowboard. We were lucky enough to sit down with him and talk shop on this weeks installment of The Bomb Hole!

0:00:00 | Intro | Mountain Biking And Snowboarding | Heli-biking | Biking The Arctic |

0:17:45 | Back Flips | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death | Slope Style To Free Ride |

0:36:05 | Red Bull Rampage | Proving Grounds | How It Works At Rampage | Cheddar Bisq |

0:48:49 | Pub Beer Crap Shoot | Sniffing Salts | Vegas After Party | Bike Equipment | Enduro Kits |

1:05:37 | Biking Up Vs. Down | Coaching | Electric Bikes | Name That Video Part |

1:24:47 | Fast Cars | Back Yard Compound | Excavation |

1:37:54 | Hot Takes | Bike Set Up | Black Sage | Thanks |

Quarter Point

Carson Storch Camp Fire Stories

North Of Night Fall

Red Bull Formation

Red Bull Rampage

Redbull Rampage Carson Storch 2014

Carson 2018 Rampage

Rampage Giant 360

Proving Grounds

Cam Zink Back Flip

Strangle Hold Ted Nugent

Paul Basagoitia

Black Sage