Zak Hale | The Bomb Hole Episode 4

X Games medals, childhood fame, haters, partying, the Burton bubble, resilience, and much more, Pro Snowboarder Zak Hale was being paid to snowboard at the age of 13. Fast forward to age 18 and he has a full ride with Burton traveling the world flying first class with some of the worlds top pro snowboarders making over 6 figures. What goes up must come down, Burton made the call to let him go after being ill at a lifestyle shoot. Zak now a free agent recreates himself with a tight group of friends forming the Lick the Cat crew and then take’s control of his future himself by making his own edit called Trash. Building on the snowball of his success he wins an X-Games silver medal in 2020 for his amazing Real Snow video part. Hail Storm party’s like a rock star in the summers with the monster crew and when winter hits rip’s the streets at the top level of the game not to mention holding his own in any snowboard park with the world’s top riders. Love him or hate him Zak Hale is here to stay. Sit back and listen to Zak get real with Bud Diesel on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

Midget Mafia | Formative Years- 0:01:48

Riding For Burton- 0:12:23

Cheddar Biscuits | 100k Hale- 0:23:37

Annecy France Brawl- 0:29:18

Lithuania With BudDiesel- 0:34:17

Cut From Burton- 0:38:40

Name That Video Part- 0:52:16

The Rebirth of Hale | Pants Full of Shit- 0:54:26

Zak Hale Talks Park Riding- 1:04:29

Trash The Movie | X Game's Real Snow- 1:09:09

The Rock Debacle | Crabs in a Bucket by Chris Grenier- 1:19:45

Midget Mafia

NYC Union Square Rail Jam

Zak Hale Standing Sideways

Heine Winch

Masturbation as a Hangover Cure

How to Poop on a Plane with Absolutely No One Noticing

Burton Street Meat

Zak Hale Interview Snowboarder Mag

Lick The Cat Video Of The Year Premiere Tour Recap + Full Movie 

Red Bull Recharged 2019 

Jossi Wells Invitational

Zak Hale Trash Full Movie

Zak Hale Real Snow 2020