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Words by Jules

Well, the first annual Bomb Hole Cup has come to a close and we ran it fast and loose per typical Bomb Hole style. We lost some trophies, had a timing mishap or two, couple injuries, but minimal preparation is to be expected from a company run by Stoney Budz and Diesel—too much fun to sweat the details. And hey, we pulled the thing off and it seemed like everyone had a really great time.

Saturday was race day. All business. People showed up with their fastest attitudes and most aerodynamic gear and it was on. To be honest I was holed up sick in the condo for the majority of the day, but if you were there then you don't need me to paint the picture for you, and if you weren't there, you should've been. Maybe next year. 

Photos by Jovanny Villalobos

Photos by Jovanny Villalobos, Sean Sullivan, and Matt Bombino

Course looked spicy in the morning sunlight for day two's Park Showdown. The groms kicked us off with a 45-minute jam session followed by about 70 people flying in all directions for the Open division. Simultaneous jump and rail sessions made for a lot of action and luckily just a little bit of carnage. Our friends at Traeger supplied us with food all day long that was not only delicious but also free, while Red Bull and Mountain Time kept our thirsts quenched and energy high. Todd Richards and Joey B were electric on the microphone. I'm still trying to crack the science of how Richards' has jokes locked, loaded, and ready to fire off at all times. Mandatory cab 9's set the precedent for the Pro division, and with 45 minutes on the jump and 45 minutes on the rails, our guys and girls put on a show. Nobody was going to let the Bomb Hole Cup conclude without a proper ender trick; Spencer Schubert delivered with a gap of a lifetime to the bottom of the hell rail.

Congratulations to all of our winners and THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came out and everyone who helped make this event possible! Thanks to Brighton, Jared Winkler, all the diggers, judges, volunteers, and Spy, Volcom, Union, Capita, CBDays, Traeger, Red Bull, Slowtide, Mountain Time, and Save A Brain.

Pro Park Mens Winners -

1. Pat Fava

2. Tiarn Collins

3. Austin Vizz

Pro Park Womens Winners -

1. Henna Ikola

2. Kaleah Opal

3. Veda Hallen

Open Park Mens Winners -

1. Bryan Watson

2. Aiden Hascall

3. John Mullins

Open Park Womens Winners -

1. Leah Klein

2. Savannah Clark

3. Sophie G Levert

Grom Park Boys Winners -

1. Henry Hawkins

2. Jonas McInnes

3. Gunnar

Grom Park Girls Winners -

1. Clementine Wall

Hellride Challenge Rail Award - Cooper Whittier

Best Bomb Hole - Erik Fahie

Best Trick Rail - Caleb Kinnear 

Best Trick Jump - Torgeir Bergrem

Run Through A Wall Award - Spencer Schubert

Resi Of The Day - Jeff Yeoman

Swagu Beef Award - Rodney

Sand-Bagger Award - Alex Andrews 

Best Vintage Board - Seth Huot 

Rick's Trick - Aiden Hascall

BOMB HOLE CUP WINNERS - Yuki Kadono and Henna Ikola