Bob Plumb | The Bomb Hole Episode 58

Bob Plumb is currently one of the most prolific photographers in snowboarding, as well as a certified banter king and comedian. Bob talks about the changing media landscape, cat smuggling, frat life, drones, the $500 rail, the difference between shooting skateboarding and snowboarding, climbing, sailing, P.R.P. injections, and much more. Snowboarders love having Bob at shoots because not only will you walk away with a great photo, but you are also guaranteed to have a good time and laugh most of the day—just like he had us laughing most of this episode. You met his brother The Lizard king in episode 10, now meet The Possum AKA Bob Plumb in this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

0:00:00 | Intro | Bulgarian Cat | Plumb Family | Travel Stories

0:24:28 | Frat Life | Spinning Wheel Of Death | Lizard Guest Question | Snowboarding Photographers Bad Habits | Filmers

0:39:14 | Cheddar Biscuits- Photo Rates | Magazine’s Vs. Social Media | Photo Journalism |  Shooting Skate Vs. Snow | Pub Beer Break Out Moment

1:12:08 | The $500 Rail | NTVP | Hot Take’s | Photography | Altitude Sickness

1:36:59 | Changing Media Landscape | Shooting With A Drone | Chasing Uncle Paul

1:50:23 | Climbers | Soccer | PRP Injections | Whats In Your Camera Bag | Boat Trip | Film To Gram | Thank You’s

The Boot Pack Show

The Lizard King

Beta Theta Pi

Slush The Magazine

Torment Mag

Method Magazine

The Snowboarder’s Journal


Joe Hammeke

Elincrom Skyport

Bob Plumb Keegan Cover Snowboarder Mag

Transworld 2010 Team Shoot Out

A B C’s Of Snowboarding

Dean Blotto Gray Vs. Series

Altitude Sickness

Drone etiquette

Chasing Uncle Paul

PRP Injection