Taylor Lundquist | The Bomb Hole Episode 59

Taylor Lundquist is one of the most prolific women in all of skiing being named 2020 Women’s skier of the year as well as being the first women to film an X-Games Real Ski part. In this episode Taylor talks about competitive skiing vs. filming in the streets, having a troubled childhood, coming out, pride month, her up coming pro model boot and more! Taylor is pushing the limits in women skiing, more specifically pushing the limitations in women’s free skiing in the streets and it’s great to see. Join us as we sit down with Taylor and hear first hand what she is all about and whats next on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole.

0:00:00 | Intro | Early Days | Coaching | School Experience |

0:14:40 | Pub Beer Break Out Moment | Ski Competitions | Tanner Hall Guest Question | Music | Real Ski | Jossi Guest Question |

0:30:52 | Spinning Wheel Of Death | Parents | Coming Out | Pride Month

0:50:00 | Doing Better | NTVP | Influences | Skate Parks | Women’s Gear |

1:02:46 | Teams | Woman In Skiing | Roller Blading | More Events |

1:11:13 | FIS | Hot Takes | Pro Model Boot | Whats Next | Thanks |

Mental Health Help

Park City Winter School

Wilderness Therapy In Utah

Real Ski 2021

Nicki Minaj- Barbie Dreams

Taylor’s Ski Movie- Jyosei

Pride Month

It Gets Better Project

SLC Pride Month

Full Tilt Boots