Hana Beaman | The Bomb Hole Episode 43

One of snowboardings top females Hana Beaman talks backcountry karaoke, the Wu Tang business model, winning 3 X-Games medals, playing Monopoly with $25,000 real cash, wining the U.S. Open, rat kings, Natural Selection, asking the kids to really break down the definition of an old head and so much more. Hana has graced the pages of snowboard magazines, stood on the top of podiums in contests and given us video parts for the past 20 years, helping to progress women’s snowboarding all along the way. She has done it all and is still going strong as we all saw in this weeks Natural Selection contest in Jackson Hole. From her early days rolling with Danny Kass and the legendary Grenade crew to her plans this season consisting of enjoying long days in the backcountry on her snowmobile with her karaoke mic in hand welcome to the world of Hana Beaman on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!!

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:58 | Backcountry Karaoke | First Snowboard | Formative Years | Shred Movies

00:14:49 | Super Park 2001 | Early Influences | College | Grenade Days

00:24:09 | Winning Car's and Motorcycles At Contests | Wu Tang Clan Business Model | TransWorld Award Night | Hot Takes

00:36:02 | Old Heads? | Cheddar Biscuits | Agents In Snowboarding

00:44:49 | Name That Video Part

00:48:28 | Women's Snowboarding | Mentoring | Playing Monopoly With Real Money | Pat Bridges Art

01:10:23 | Natural Selection | Fighting Fires | Real Estate

01:24:59 | Life After Snowboarding | Rat Mummy

01:34:03 | Whats Next? | Hana's Set Up

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Smell The Glove

Mischief Films

Full Moon

Force Majeure Clause

Wilderness First Responder

The Rat King

Natural Selection

Hana Introspect