Jason Ellis | The Bomb Hole Episode 75

Professional skateboarder turned radio personality and MMA fighter, Jason Ellis is now known for hosting The Jason Ellis show, one of Sirius XM’s top shows for the past 15 years. In this episode we talk getting back into skateboarding, overcoming hard times in life, drugs, sex, being pan sexual, LGBTQ and sports, coming out, rock bottom, MMA, Ayahuasca, open relationships, and much more! Jason Ellis is a true radio juggernaut and underneath his hard, tattooed exterior is a sensitive man who is unapologetically himself and whose honesty about his sexuality has possibly saved lives as he has learned the importance of being yourself. Join us as we talk with Ellis about the ups and downs in his life as well as his return to vert skating and his new podcasts, The Jason Ellis Show and Hawk Vs. Wolf with Tony Hawk, on this week's episode of The Bomb Hole!

0:00:00 | Intro | Staying With Ken Block | The Toss |  Getting Back Into Skating |

0:17:33 | Volcom #bombproof | Jiu-jitsu |  Drugs | Radio | MMA | L.A. | Depression | Therapy |

0:34:24 | Over Coming Drugs | Rock Bottom | Ayahuasca Journey | Learning To Be Yourself |

0:44:52 | Coming Out | Bubs Naturals | Lets Get Gay | Being Pan Sexual | Open Relationships |

0:59:13 | Other Sports Opening Up To LGBTQIA | Name That Video Part | Resilience | Be The Best |

1:17:14 | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death | Pub Beer Crap Shoot | The Snake Pit | Snowboarding |

1:28:56 | Dingo Vs. Hawk | Hot Takes | Thank You’s |

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