Lane Knaack | The Bomb Hole Episode 31

Terrain Park building, Grenade Gloves, vampire food, junk music, sleeveless hoodies, building snowboards, welding, the MJ of snowboarding and more! Lane Knaack is a huge inspiration to many snowboarders of today because of his amazing smooth style. He even helped to mentor Bomb Hole host Chris Grenier in the early days of his career and as you can imagine having one of your idol’s help show you the ropes is very powerful and something you never forget. He talk’s about the rise and the fall of Grenade Gloves as well as what it was like jumping in a tour bus with Danny Kass and the legendary Grenade crew as they traveled around making movie’s. Lane is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and it was a honer to have him in the booth to tell his story on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

Early Days | The Rise Of Grenade | Mammoth | Sleeveless Hoodies | 00:01:38

Making Finals At Vail Session Contest | Vampire Food | Filming With Goon Gear Movie For 2021 | 00:11:39

Chris And Lane's First Trip Together | Keep Talking | Junk Music | 00:17:48

What Goes Up Must Come Down- Grenade | Reality TV Show | 00:26:50

Name That Video Part | 00:39:38

Oldest McTwist | Michael Jordan Of Snowboarding | Denis Rodman Of Snow | 00:42:03

Life After Boarding | Park Crew | Split Boarding | Shredding In Hoodies | 00:47:26

Kingvale | Welding | 00:57:39

Being A Father | Smokin Snowboards | 01:06:54

Board Tech | Winged High Backs | Shawn Farmer | 01:12:18

Old Snowboard Movies And Snowboard Culture | Hand Dug Half Pipes | Whats Next? | 01:23:53


Burning Man

Tommy Hilfiger

Seth Neary

Rocket Reeves

Grenade Full Metal Edges

Grenade Smell The Glove

Donald Knaack The Junk Man

Junk Man Plays At Sundance

Kingvale Resort

Pisten Bully Park Pro

Zen And Welding

How To Make A Snowboard

Smokin Snowboards Board Tech

Winged High Backs

Fix Wing Highbacks

Shawn Farmer Rap

Critical Condition Full Movie

Russel Winfield Cover

Tom Sims Retro Contest

Class Action Park