Sage Kotsenburg | The Bomb Hole Episode 32

Sage is a true king of banter, we talk winning Rider of the Year, Olympic gold, work ethic, overnight fame, sperm retention, his training regiments and much more. After listening to Sage talk in this video I pretty much just wanted to get up and run through a wall like the Kool aid man. He talks of the work ethic it takes to be successful that you can pretty much apply to any facet of life. From winning an Olympic Gold to winning movie and rider of the year Sage has had one hell of a run and we can’t wait to see what he does next. As he say’s “You get out what you put in”, prepare to be motivated and imagine Sage with a head set as he will be your motivational speaker on this weeks episode of the Bomb Hole.

Early Days | Setting Goal's | Competition | Dew Tour | 00:01:12

Work Ethic Vs. Talent | G.O.A.T. Over used | The Season's Of Sage | 00:12:58

The Road To The Olympic's | Flow State | Conventional Sports | Winning And Losing | 00:20:00

Bob Costas | Jimmy Fallon | Media Tour | Sperm Retention | Chewing Gum | 00:44:00

Imposter Syndrom | Post Olympic Depression | The Switch To Filming | Cheddar Biscuits | Loctite Commercial | App Snowboards| 00:56:49

Name That Video Part | 01:19:10

Joy | Chad's Gap | 01:23:10

 "You Get Out What You Put In" | Rider Of The Year | Building Block's To Success | The Love Of Snowboarding | 01:43:00

Complex Motor Tic’s | Plant Based Diet | Training | Mid Mountain Marathon | Shitting On The Run | 01:51:35

Silver Back Gorilla Season | David Goggins | Training | 02:05:00

Anthem | Sage On K2 | Halcyon | 02:12:40

What's Next | Real Snow | King Of Banter Award | 02:29:45

14 Year Old Sage Edit

Mind Gym Summary

Concussion Protocol 101

Sage Kotsenburg’s Winning Olympic Run

Flow State

Sage Gives Costas Pink Eye

Sage On Conan

Sage On Letterman

Semen Retention For Athletes

Sage On Chads Gap

Post-Olympic Depression

Sage Wheaties Box

Sage The Holy Crail

Sage Loctite Commercial

Joy Trailer

Absinthe Films Pop Full Movie

Joy 2020 Movie Of The Year

Sage Kotsenburg Rider Of The Year

Tic Disorders

Tourette Syndrome

David Goggins

Hogle Zoo Angry Silver Back

Halcyon Full Movie

Absinthe Flipside