Mike Hucker | The Bomb Hole Episode 70

Three times BMX dirt rider of the year Mike “Hucker” Clark known for his positive attitude and glorious mullet as well as his entertaining antics and unique tricks making him a crowd favorite at every event. In this episode we talk handle bar ride’s, how to preform under pressure, the art of breathing, Sheep Hills, dirt jumping, keeping it fun, having passion for what you do, Woodward, surfing, lobster diving, bike loop’s, scaring yourself and so much more! Hucker is described as the real life Spicoli that does not get stoned and you only have to talk with him for a couple minuets to see how positive he is and how passionate his is about BMX. Join us on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole for a look into the world of BMX as seen through the eyes of Mike “Hucker” Clark!

0:00:00 | Intro | Nick Name | First Sponsor | Why Be Guest Pro At Woodward |

0:17:30 | Keeping It Fun | Dirt Jumping | No Dig No Ride | Passion | Scooters In The Park |

0:35:43 | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death | Handle Bar Rides | Late For Dream Line |

0:51:20 | Hang 5 | Be Positive | Bubs Naturals | Juice Cleanse | Surfing | Lobster Diving | Sharks |

1:20:22 | Performing Under Pressure | Breathing | Spirituality | Vibrations | Pub Beer Crap Shoot |

1:37:07 | BMX Music | Name That Video Part | Bike Loop | Scare Yourself |

1:53:35 | Hot Takes | Cheddar Biscuits | Breathe | Thank You's |

Sheep Hills

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Mike Hucker Day In The Life

Mike Hucker At Woodward

Prehistoric Pets

The Tanner Park Story

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Mike Hucker Hang 5 San Fran

California Lobster Diving

Wim Hof

Tripping With Breath Work

Fast And Loose

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