Alex Andrews | The Bomb Hole Episode 69

Pro snowboarder turned grassroots marketing ambassador with a thirst for life and a knack for DIY projects. This week we talk about The Freedom Frontier, The Bone Zone, making sustainable snowboard products, career paths after being pro, Snake Boarding, Variety Pack Films, being the ambassador of stoke, nocturnal activities, Snowboarding Is Not Dead, Micro Algae, being present in life and so much more! Alex Andrews grew up in Ogden Utah where he fell in love with snowboarding becoming pro and then taking his passion to the next level carving out his own career path with Burton as the ambassador of stoke and now working with WNDR Alpine helping our sport make sustainable product’s using algae based material’s. Join us as we sit with Alex and learn about his journey in the snowboard world on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!

0:00:00 | Intro | Growing Up In Ogden UT | Snake Boarding | Variety Pack | Stand Out Moment |

0:17:00 | Supportive Parents | Only Child | Pub Beer Crap Shoot |

0:31:21 | Nocturnal Activities | Cheddar Biscuits | Career After Being Pro | Ambassador Of Stoke

0:45:31 | Snowboarding Is Not Dead | Freedom Frontier | Concrete | Rope Tow’s |

1:11:48 | Throwing Shit At A Wall | Cabin Life | Name That Video Part | Flipping Cars | Sprinter Vans |

1:40:14 | The Froth Pond | D.I.Y. Guru | The Bone Zone | Liquid Death Spinning Wheel Of Death |

1:56:03 | Hot Takes | Avalanche Safety | Enjoying The Process |

2:11:31 | Life Shake Ups | WNDR Alpine | Thanks | Words From Jeremy Jones |

Snake Boarding

Variety Pack “The Leak”

Alex Andrews Full Part

Alex Andrews "Not Bad"

Book “Outliers”

Sleep Walking

Sleep Talking

Burton Rail Days

Snowboardings Not Dead

The Freedom Frontier

Book “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success”


Salmon Of The Capistrano

Jeremy Jones “Shake Down”

The Bone Zone

Intro To Avalanche Safety

WNDR Alpine

Making Products With Algae- AlgalTech

Elle And The Echo